About Us

About Us

Hey there!

We are very happy that you show the interest to know a little bit more about us. We’ll keep this brief, informative, and interesting.


Our Team

Who are we? We are a small team of experts in different professions who have been working together in online e-commerce and marketing business for around eight years. We try to combine our hobbies, obsessions, and avocation with our e-com business models to enjoy what we do truly.

Our company Insilico Media d.o.o. was founded in 2015 in Slovenia, EU.


Company Details:

Company name: Insilico Media d.o.o.
Address: Pot na Veselico 15, 8330 Metlika, Slovenia. European Union
Company registration number: 6878695000
VAT ID: SI78281911


Our Store

I have always had a vocation towards cooking, kitchen utensils and gadgets, and especially knives. So in 2018, I convinced my team to create the best online store with Damascus Knives, where we would feature high-quality items at affordable prices.

We partnered up with some of the best Damascus knife manufacturers and distributors worldwide who can provide us with top quality knives at lower prices. We are very picky about the brands that we work with, and especially about the quality of their products and services. We truly choose only the best for you.

Offering high-quality knives at low prices is our guideline for this store – so we don’t have to worry about customer satisfaction. It comes naturally with the purchase of one of our knives.

However, we always go the extra mile to sort out potential problems, even if it is at our expense. We are not here to sell you just something at any cost but to build a relationship based on trust.

We also decided to educate our customers about Damascus knives and to try and offer you something special. Many times we have huge sales where you can get some top prized items at bargain prices. We award our clients with handy, monthly gifts. Throughout the year, we make an effort to present some of the best knives at heavily knocked-off prices.

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Bojan Matjasic, CEO, Insilico Media d.o.o.